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"Choose geophysics and you will not have a dull day in your life..."

Svetlana gave an interview to CSEG RECORDER 

We ​published a paper on Depth Imaging in  the CSEG RECORDER 

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Depth Imaging - Above and Beyond Reflections. The Why and How of your Pre-Stack Depth Migration Project. 


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Mike Hall is currently serving as the CSEG representative at CFES Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences

Mike is also serving as the CFES representative at PAGSE.  Mike  was part of the team that recently resulted in Calgary being selected as the host city for Canada’s bid for IGC 2028.

We actively participate in APEGA and SEG Mentoring programs.  We strongly believe that only through supporting each other and learning from and through each other can we grow and progress both professionally and as individuals. 

 GeoVectra Team is busy working with our clients and partners on conventional seismic projects for onshore and offshore seismic processing and imaging in North America.

We also secuirng potential projects  opportunities in Europe and Middle East. 

We are also exploring new ways to apply our Oil and Gas expertise. We are actively involved in discussions for potential project opportunities in engineering, geothermal, CO2 sequestration and other alternative use of geophysical and seismic technologies. 

We believe that seismic should, and will, play a key role in new Emerging industry markets and Energy transition initiatives. 

The GeoVectra team is expanding its portfolio to include the renewable segment.

CSEG Recorder Interview with Mike Hall

Mike was interviewed for the CSEG RECORDER 

​    A Life of Science and Adventure 

          “Success is getting up once oftener than you fall down.”
                               “Your ability is your security.”
               “Start with the end in mind and keep it in mind.”

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​​​​Mike Hall | CSEG RECORDER