​​​​​​​​​YWCA "Walk a Mile in her Shoes" 2017

All of us at GeoVectra enjoyed participating in this year's Walk A Mile in Her Shoese Fundraiser.

YWCA is dedicated to breaking cycles of family violence, homelessness, and poverty. 

Our GeoVectra team is proud to have participated in this year's fundraiser and walk.

The event took place on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017


Happy Summer 2017 from GeoVectra!

GeoVectrateam welcomes hot Calgary summer. Enjoy outdoor time while camping or hiking. Please take your water, your hat and sunscreen with you.

Have a great summer everybody! Stay active, hydrated and safe.

GeoVectra Team participated in GeoConvention 2017 held in Calgary on May 15-18, 2017.

It was a great opportunity to reconnect with former and current colleagues and clients and to learn about recent developments and achievements in seismic processing and other geoscience disciplines:


We presented a paper on seismic processing in complex onshore structural setting. The paper was very well received and we invite you to review it here:


​​Stampede CSEG Luncheon 2017

Community support

We made a trip to the Paris EAGE 75th Conference (June15-19, 2017). It was great to have a chance to reconnect with our European colleagues and clients. The EAGE conference is one of the largest forums for Geoscience professionals and it never disappoints. The amount of information and technology exchange was phenomenal and would not leave anyone unsatisfied or indifferent:


This year a greater focus was given to sustainable development and climate change, as well as renewable energy sources:


Of course the fact that it was held in June in beautiful France only made it more attractive.

We had a very productive week of networking and development, enjoyed the overall warm professional atmosphere of EAGE and related activities.

​​GeoConvention 2017

​​EAGE 2017, Paris


2017 Highlights

GeoVectra was featured in last year December issue of CSEG Recorder ! 

Are we successful at GeoVectra? Yes, we are; in the sense that we are a group of highly qualified professionals with thousands of kilometers of seismic data and years of acquisition, processing, imaging and QI experience behind us who are still working on projects and working within the field in which we have polished our expertise over the last several decades.  We still do what we love and what we have a passion for; geophysics and geophysical processing.

CSEG members please login here to read the full article.

We enjoyed Calgary Stampede as we watched the parade from the steps of our office with our families, fun  and lovely as always.

It was also great to connect with the colleagues during the CSEG luncheon at Sunoma Cafe