Dear Friends and Colleagues!

Our best wishes to you and Your families during this wonderful Holiday Season!

Health to You and Your Loved Ones, harmony to Your Family and in your House, all the very best in your Work, and in all Your Endeavours,

and prosperity to Your Business.

With warm regards

GeoVectra Team


Year 2023

 GeoVectra Team is busy working with our clients and partners on conventional seismic projects.

We are also exploring new ways to apply our Oil and Gas expertise. We are actively involved in discussions for potential project opportunities in engineering, geothermal, CO2 sequestration and other alternative use of geophysical and seismic technologies. 

We believe that seismic should, and will play a key role in new Emerging industry markets and Energy transition initiatives. 

The GeoVectra team is expanding its portfolio to include the renewable segment.