Does your seismic add value?

Value of geophysics and the geophysical methods  


​An investment in seismic data generally provides a good return in terms of locating resources or improved hydrocarbons recovery and reservoir management. This investment can be quite appreciable and the return on it depends on how well the data is acquired and processed.

GeoVectra Ltd., seeks to add value at each phase of the seismic life cycle, from defining the objectives, assisting with acquisition design, carefully executed processing and keeping the end goal in mind at all times, meeting the objectives in a timely and cost effective manner.

VSP Processing


Your Seismic Data

Well Log Guided Processing

Interpretive Processing 

Surface Referenced NMO

Pre-Stack Depth Migration

 We utilize a thorough and thoughtful approach combined with years of experience and reliable technical expertise.

High Resolution Plains data processing

Structural Imaging

Wide Line Processing

Front-Ending. Geometry QC.

Field QC 


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